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Category Archives: Writers I admire

PLC Interviews: Sam Sykes, author of Tome of the Undergates

Hey everybody! Today is most auspicious! Wanna know why? Because today we have our very first guest post up at PLC. Sam Sykes, author of  fantasy novel Tome of the Undergates sat down and talked writing with us. Tome of the Undergates will be released in several countries (including the US, of course) next Tuesday. [...]

The Devil’s Advocate: A Response to S.C. Green’s “For The Sake of Being Evil”

Today S.C. Green wrote a post on PLC about humanizing one’s villains. Now, I am in complete agreement with some of the things he says- you should always know why your bad guy is doing what he’s doing. What’s his motivation? Side note- You should know the motivations of ALL your characters, major or minor, [...]

LepreCon 36: Writing, Rayguns, GRRM, and Charles Vess

LepreCon is a really small, local con. I’ve never been this until this year, but the Writer GOH was George R. R. Martin, and the artist GOH was Charles Vess, so really, how could I not go? I missed all of Friday’s programming, which sucked because it was the heartiest schedule. Saturday’s scheduling was rather [...]

The Alchemy

What does it mean when you find yourself conjugating the grammar of shapes? It seems that the formally inscrutable scrawls of physical reality have made themselves legible to me. I come to realize that writing is like physical exercise. What counts is how much you can do after you think you are done. -Kabuki The [...]

Wednesday’s Review: The Left Hand of Darkness

Let the record show that Ursula K. LeGuin is possibly my favorite science fiction author, certainly the one I most admire. I spazzed out on one of my writer friends the other day and insisted she read The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas before I died of a heart attack. So it is difficult [...]

Wednesday’s Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Okay, so this isn’t a review so much as a fan girl rave. Just thought I’d get that caveat out of the way now. Coraline is a bored little girl who finds a door in her house that leads to …another house just like hers. Only it isn’t. At all. In the other house, cats [...]

Rewind Review – Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew

I am a pretty big Stephen King fan. When I was a kid, I read every SK paperback the local library had, which means I’ve read nearly everything he’s written before Needful Things at least once. Don’t tell my mom. Anyway, a recent “book v. movie” review of The Mist at the Onion’s AV Club [...]