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PLC Interviews: Sam Sykes, author of Tome of the Undergates

Hey everybody! Today is most auspicious! Wanna know why? Because today we have our very first guest post up at PLC. Sam Sykes, author of  fantasy novel Tome of the Undergates sat down and talked writing with us. Tome of the Undergates will be released in several countries (including the US, of course) next Tuesday. [...]

The Wheel of Time has Passed On

James O. Rigney, Jr., better known as Robert Jordan, passed away Sunday. He is the second Big Name Author loss after Madeline L’Engle died earlier this month. While I absolutely adore L’Engle’s writing, I wasn’t deeply destraught by her passing, as 88 is a proper age by anyone’s estimate. Certainly she had more wonderful stories [...]