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Category Archives: Inspiration Monday

After the crash

Last night my writer’s group The Parking Lot Confessional was living up to its name, chitchatting out in the parking lot of a coffee shop in downtown Phoenix, situated on the corner of a side street and a main thoroughfare, 7th street. As we were going over our writing goals for the next two weeks, [...]

Inspiration Monday: Elephants who paint

So there’s a video on YouTube* making the rounds of an elephant painting a “self portrait.” The idea that an elephant could have enough self awareness to be able to render it’s own image absolutely blew my mind until I learned that elephants who paint non-abstract pictures have been trained to do so by ear [...]

Inspiration Monday: making languages

The folks over at io9 posted this beautiful chart of Indo-European languages, which you can click on to see in another window. Links in the comments led me to The Language Construction kit, which seems to have a very useful, nuts and bolts approach to the business of conlanging. Very interesting, whether you’ve ever toyed [...]

Inspiration Monday: I’m back

I guess you could say I was on vacation last week, except that usually one does fun things on vacation. Going to job interviews and stressing about it is not a vacation. But the good news is that I got the job I interviewed for and I am leaving the legal world (hopefully forever)! What [...]

Inspiration Monday: The Torture Chamber (AKA Bikram Yoga)

I have signed up for the 30 Day Challenge at my local Bikram studio and so I thought I would dedicate this Monday’s post to the joy of yoga. (I am on Day 4 of 30, thanks for asking). This photo is of Bikram himself hopping on some guy in Camel pose. This does not [...]

Inspiration Monday: Aya Kato’s Cheval Noir

While I was image searching for Cheval Noir comic covers I stumbled across Cheval Noir, the portfolio of artist Aya Kato. Kato’s images are a deliciously surreal blend of fantasy, Art Nouveau, and Japanese Pop. Rapunzel Whirling Energy (Click for full image) Queen in Restroom Blueworld I almost went crazy trying to just pick a [...]

I’ve found even more bugs

So I will be changing to yet another layout sometime this week. In the meantime, check this out for some good SF story fodder:Sperm Cell Created from Female Embryo. I must say I have my doubts as to the probablity of engineering a viable egg from male cells. Maybe I’m biased, but it seems like [...]

The Most Inspiring of Them All

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” TIME photo essay: The Last Days of Martin Luther King Jr. The audio for the “I Have A Dream” speech is here. Lesser Known Wise and Prophetic Words Happy Martin Luther [...]

Stupid Plot Tricks

Today I am linking to the wonderful Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s Stupid Plot Tricks. Follow the rules and you’ll end up with a plot too insane NOT to write. Although, if you’re as blind as I am you’ll want to increase the type on her page, it’s like, 6pt, I swear. Anyway, I particularly like the [...]

Little Miss Dolittle

The Daily Mail posted a story over the weekend about a little girl named Rose. Rose is autistic and only talks to animals. This little girl was locked away in her own head, unable to express herself to anyone until the day she was taken to a farm as part of her therapy program. I [...]