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Intermission is over, did you get the Junior Mints?

So, ah, can we pretend that the last sixteen months didn’t happen? No. Okay.

So I had this weird glitch with WordPress, where sometimes it didn’t accept my password. Which was weird. Sometimes became often. Often became it just didn’t ever effin’ work. My husband, who eats zeros and ones for breakfast, reassured me that I hadn’t been hacked. Nothing was wrong. I just couldn’t access my own blog. And because my WordPress is self-hosted, if I wanted to reset my password, we had to do a bunch of … stuff?

My only crime was laziness

But, I’m no Hackers-era Angelina Jolie. I’m not even Angelina Jolie’s terrible haircut. Nope. I’m not even Johnny Lee Miller’s terrible bleach job. So in order to get my blog back in business, I needed to sit down with my husband and work through the tech issues together. Let me tell you something about me and my husband. First of all, we fight crime in our spare time, so after all that there’s like, not a lot of extra spare time going around. It’s more of a drinking old fashioneds and watching Doctor Who thing.

don't mind if I doooooooooooooo

Second of all, we’re both the same type… creative. That leads to some interesting timetables. For example, we moved into a new house in November of 2010. Do you guys know how long it took us to hang our ceiling fans? A week? A month? A year?

Trick question! They’re still not all done. Okay, five of them are done. One is still in the box. And, my friends, we live in the desert. Fans, kinda important to live.

So the fact that this blog is up again, well, high-fives all around! All the high-fives, forever! Ouroboros of fives! I’ve got some new ideas, and I’m excited to get to them, and I’m just going to keep jumping around and giving thumbs-ups and finger guns and knuckle-bumps and high-fives until someone beats me over the back of the head with a billy club or hands me an old fashioned and tells me to sit down. Because it’s easier to write when you’re sitting down (and a glass of bourbon doesn’t hurt). Right? Right!

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  1. Hey, glad to see you back!

    Speaking of cocktail hour…

    Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

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