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After the crash

Last night my writer’s group The Parking Lot Confessional was living up to its name, chitchatting out in the parking lot of a coffee shop in downtown Phoenix, situated on the corner of a side street and a main thoroughfare, 7th street. As we were going over our writing goals for the next two weeks, we heard the unmistakable bang of steel meeting steel at speed. Tires screeched as the three of us looked up to see a car careening into the incoming traffic lane; it’s headlights blaring directly at us, and still the rubber screaming. It’s not stopping, I realized, it’s going to hit the building on the opposite side of this side street, and as it did with a horrific slam and began to spin, I thought, Oh god, it’s still not stopping, it’s going to spin right into us. I felt my body tense to run, but, off the road and tires blown, the car 180’ed and at last careened to a stop.

The driver popped out of the mangled car like a jack in the box and began to walk in circles in the side street, dazed and pumped full of adrenaline. His glasses had been knocked off. He probably was concussed, and would likely develop some bruises later. It was perhaps the most amazing thing of all. Though that young man likely does not feel very lucky today, he is so, so lucky, to have walked away from that pair of collisions.

I almost want to cry every time I think about how lucky he is.

How lucky we were, that the car stopped when it did.

I am so lucky to be writing this now, and you, reader, wherever you are, are so lucky too. We are here, we are alive, we still have that chance to do whatever it is we are called to do with our lives.

We still have that chance.

After several weeks of perfecting my submission package for my epic fantasy novel The Afflicted, I sent out my first query letter on Friday. I personalized a few more last night, and will send more out over this week. And, since I have spent the last three weeks obsessively writing, and rewriting, and re-rewriting synopses of varying lengths, and the weeks before honing my query letter, I am definitely looking forward to throwing myself into the first draft of the next book. And yet, I am so glad to be here, exactly where I am.

I am so grateful, and so glad.


Originally published at The Parking Lot Confessional.

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