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The Seven

Today’s 500 club prompt was a bit tricky, I think, so I decided to dust off the old blog and take a crack at it. If you want to play too, you can here. The Seven The leaves fell with every breeze, fluttering down in red and gold showers, oak, ash, and elm. They made [...]

Red Light Special

Time for a Friday Flash, prompt courtesy of the 500 Club. If you want to play, the prompts are here. Here’s my contributory flash for this week. RED LIGHT SPECIAL The last thing Flynn wanted to do that day was another love spell. It was cheap work, he thought, flavored with desperation. And the thing [...]


500 Club time! If you want to play, the prompts are here. Here’s my contributory flash for this week. MEAT MARKET The bag of groceries smashed on the ground between us. A confetti of broken eggs splattered onto the parking lot. “Get your hands off me.” I said, jerking out of her grasp. I stooped [...]


A slightly tardy 500 Club Entry. Of course, while it’s true the prompts do go up on Thursdays, it’s never too late to play. CLICK CLICK Jenny never liked the color red. Red smelled like squashed tomatoes, like the breakfasts the College of London cafeteria served. Poached eggs in slimy clear-white umbilical blobs, cold toast, [...]

PLC Interviews: Sam Sykes, author of Tome of the Undergates

Hey everybody! Today is most auspicious! Wanna know why? Because today we have our very first guest post up at PLC. Sam Sykes, author of  fantasy novel Tome of the Undergates sat down and talked writing with us. Tome of the Undergates will be released in several countries (including the US, of course) next Tuesday. [...]

In Your Cloak

For this week’s 500 Club, I decided to revisit one of the scenes in my novel, The Iron Key, retelling it from one of my favorite secondary character’s point of view. If you want to take a crack at one of this week’s writing prompts, hop on over and go to. After all it’s only [...]

Stoked for September

The onset of September has me feeling like the monkey Steve in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (Steve, awesomely, is voiced by everyone’s favorite magical unicorn Neal Patrick Harris). Excited! Excited! My Writing the Novel class with Jim Sallis is starting back up. This marks my fourth semester of re-enrollment. Why would I take [...]

The Devil’s Advocate: A Response to S.C. Green’s “For The Sake of Being Evil”

Today S.C. Green wrote a post on PLC about humanizing one’s villains. Now, I am in complete agreement with some of the things he says- you should always know why your bad guy is doing what he’s doing. What’s his motivation? Side note- You should know the motivations of ALL your characters, major or minor, [...]